Sunday, August 09, 2009

Abbey Road 40th Anniversary - London

Every so often, parts of London come to a complete standstill and none of us can work out why. That was the case in North London yesterday.

It turns out it was the 40th anniversary of the day the Beatles posed for the cover of their Abbey Road album on that now famous Zebra Crossing.

The famous photo graced the cover of the Fab Four's "Abbey Road," the last album recorded together, and shows the bandmates walking purposefully across the zebra-striped asphalt.

It remains one of music's best-known album covers, endlessly imitated and parodied. Although the shoot itself only took a few minutes, so carefully studied was the cover for signs and symbolism that some die-hard fans came to the conclusion that Paul McCartney — who appears barefoot and out of step with the rest — had secretly died.

Hundreds of people turned up to walk across it and parts of north London came to a standstill. The things people celebrate are crazy... but I love it.

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