Friday, July 17, 2009

Sean Hannity Pushes Obama 'Not A Citizen By Birth Story'.

There are some stories and claims that are just so kooky that you don't give them another thought. And the Obama birth certificate saga, which excited wingnuts everywhere during the election was certainly such a story.

The notion that Obama could be elected to the Illinois Senate and then on to the United States Senate and, finally, to the presidency of the United States without ever having to prove that he is an American citizen is simply bonkers.

But such babble has, until now, mostly been chatter amongst the crazier people in wingnut land. Well, now Sean Hannity is bringing it mainstream by insinuating that the revoking of an order for a soldier who refused to serve in Afghanistan because he does not believe that Obama is an American, does, in fact, hint that, "the president is not, in fact, a legitimate citizen by birth."

I know that Hannity's job is to find the negative in everything Obama does, but one would think that even he would stop short of spreading some of the most ridiculous claims which the wingnuts have ever come up with.

The man is simply shameless.


RickAHyatt said...

Without him we could never have lured all of the moles out of the woodwork, and rekindled the American Flame.
"How do you lure all the moles out of the woodwork?" The Director had asked me in 1977. "Simple. You just hoist a Barry Soetono up the flagpole & see who salutes." & page down to that section

PFL0W said...

You have to be smart/have a brain to be shameless.

Hannity is just irresponsible and stupid.

Mo Rage

Kel said...

I'm not sure, Pflow. I think Hannity knows exactly what his audience wants and he's feeding them that red meat!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Hannity is not "mainstream." He's just as loopy as the rest of the wingnuts, but happens to have a TV show.

Kel said...

Oh, I agree Anonymous, that Hannity is a wingnut. But Fox is mainstream, much as I would like it not to be.

Anonymous said...

SEan Hannity is a junkyard dog.Obama beats "the stop obama express"; and will do so again.
Sean will be in exile for 8 years.

Kel said...

I agree anon. Hannity is a grade A asshole.