Saturday, July 04, 2009

Michael Jackson:'They Don't Care About Us' From Last Dress Rehearsals Filmed Before Death.

I'm really not sure what one is supposed to make of this latest footage of Jackson performing shortly before he died. Here, in Britain, many newspapers have been showing pictures of his last rehearsals - emphasising the fact that he looked fine - and expressing astonishment that he could have died shortly after these images were shot.

All I know is that heart attacks tend to be sudden things that strike without warning. The fact that the patient was engaging in strenuous activity beforehand makes me more likely to believe that he suffered from a heart attack, not less.

I sometimes wonder where newspapers are coming from when they push this stuff. A 50 year old man, who hasn't engaged in physical activity for years, suddenly embarks on a strenuous regime and his heart gives in. What, in that, is actually terribly suspicious?

I know they have to sell newspapers, but give us a break.


nunya said...

Michael Jackson investigation focuses on doctors
11:19 AM | July 4, 2009

"Diprivan is an extremely potent drug that is supposed to be administered by an anesthesiologist, typically in a hospital. Experts expressed alarm that it would be used at a private home."

Hollyweird docs get you whatever you want, if you are somebody.

Kel said...

Of course, anyone who has a doctor on call 24 hours a day tends to be receiving the medication that they want rather than the medication that they need.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anything about MJ having a heart attack...a heart attack is when blood flow is blocked due to a blockage...MJ went into cardiac arrest, which is when for some reason the heart either stops beating or beats so irregularly that it doesn't pump blood...there isn't any reason to believe that this strenuous activity or his being 50 had anything to do with his heart issue...he should not have died....:(

Kel said...

You are making an interesting distinction between a heart attack and cardiac arrest which wasn't made by many papers covering the event.