Friday, July 03, 2009

Mark Levin: The President's Policies are Bernie Madoff times a thousand.

The wingnuts leave me open mouthed as they describe Obama as being worse than Bernie Madoff.

Here, Mark Levin tells us how "foreign" and "alien" Obama's policies are and how he is basically imposing "a soft tyranny" on the Unites States. He then tells us how it was ridiculous to call the Bush presidency an imperial one, and states that Obama's presidency is much more imperial than the Bush one.

On what planet do you have to live on to believe that to be true? It's undeniable that Obama has claimed some powers which have upset many on the left, especially when it comes to holding some terrorist suspects without charge, but to claim that Obama is acting in a more imperial way than Bush is so false on it's face that it's actually laughable.

These lovers of liberty had no problem at all with Bush holding suspects without charge, eavesdropping on Americans without warrants, or the thousand other ways Bush claimed powers which were not granted to him by the Constitution. So, we really do have to enter Planet Wingnuttia to listen to this stuff with a straight face.

For example, Levin claims that Obama is out to destroy the American health system, "which most of us like". That's simply untrue. 76% of Americans favour a public option when it comes to health care.

But, as is so often true on Fox News, the facts don't matter. In fact, it's best if you simply pull them out of your ass.

Which Levin duly does by claiming that, "Here's the little secret. Conservatism now is on the ascendancy. The political pundits, the experts don't see it yet."

Their views of conservative ascendancy are as realistic as their visions of Obama's "soft tyranny". The American right wing deserve to be out of power for decades, because they really do sound like total lunatics.

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