Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lou Dobbs Fill in Pilgram: "Overwhelming Evidence Obama's Birth Cert. is Real." Does Dobbs Know?

Dobbs fill-in Kitty Pilgrim allows the Birther crazies into the studio to make their insane case that Obama is not the president.

To be fair, Pilgrim destroys their argument before she even allows them to speak, but that doesn't stop the crazies from foaming at the mouth and spouting their nonsense. Only in America would nutters like this have access to the airwaves.

John Avlon sums it up succinctly by stating, "You guys are nuts!"

It's actually hysterically funny that they even thought they had a case to make after Pilgrim's introduction destroyed the very foundation of their argument. But... crazies are crazies.


Steel Phoenix said...

Only the crazies are still pushing the authenticity questions. I've yet to see a real challenge to whether he is 'natural born', which is also a requirement, but a very vague one. He likely doesn't meet those standards, but they are vague enough that fighting it would be in no way productive.

Kel said...

I just think those still asking this question are coming off as batshit crazy. And they don't seem to care...