Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Glenn Beck Agrees US Needs Another Al Qaeda Attack To Protect Us From Immigrants?

It's now undeniable that certain right wingers are actually hoping that Osama bin Laden will attack the United States in order to "wake up" the populace to the dangers of an Obama administration.

Scheuer: The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States. Because it's going to take a grass-roots, bottom-up pressure. Because these politicians prize their office, prize the praise of the media and the Europeans. It's an absurd situation again. Only Osama can execute an attack which will force Americans to demand that their government protect them effectively, consistently, and with as much violence as necessary.

Beck: Which is why, I was thinking this weekend, if I were him, that would be the last thing I would do right now.
The language they have been using since Obama was elected is simply disgraceful. Michael Scheuer is simply articulating what the Beck's of this world merely hint at.

And note how Beck manages to imply that, even should no attack take place, it wouldn't be because Obama was doing his job, it would be because bin Laden didn't want to help him out.

These people are utterly disgraceful.

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