Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fox hosts on Franken victory: "in denial"; Franken and nation crazy; Coleman originally won.

Media Matters have put together a nice series of clips showing just how unhinged Fox News have become over the election of Al Franken.

Glenn Beck said of Franken's victory, "[I]t shows how crazy our country has gone." He added: "[I]t shows that we've lost our minds." Sean Hannity claimed that Franken is "not all there," and later claimed, "I, in my heart of hearts, do not believe that Al Franken won that election." And Brian Kilmeade said he's "in denial" about Franken, who he said was "barely sane." Gretchen Carlson responded to Kilmeade by again falsely claiming that Coleman "won in the original election.
To listen to Beck and Hannity question other people's sanity really is to take irony to a whole new level.

And I love the Fox News notion that the whole nation has somehow gone "crazy" when it fails to elect the people they think should be elected.


Kilmeade takes it even further than the others on his radio show, calling Franken "evil", "hateful," "maniacal," and a "bitter partisan".

Nice to know he's not bitter about this in any way.


Limbaugh chips in, calling Franken "a genuine lunatic".

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