Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Did Sarah Palin Ruin Her Chances To Be President In 2012?

While we all ponder what Palin's resignation actually means, the viewers of the Cafferty file are unanimous in their belief that Palin has cooked her goose. Jack's actually sad about this, but only because Palin generates more email than any other subject.


Olbermann talks to Shannyn Moore who Palin has threatened to sue if she keeps reporting rumours surrounding Plain's resignation.


Ann Coulter inadvertently shows the contempt which Republicans have for the electorate.

Coulter: I think it's brilliant. And I'm baffled by people being baffled by it. Um, I mean, she's a huge, huge star. And meanwhile she's stuck up in Ulan Bator, she can neither respond to her many admirers who want her to come speak down in the Lower 48, and want her, you know, to be raising money for them, starting PACs, and being the voice of conservatism, which she is. She can't do that, or she'll be neglecting the state.

... Look, she's a lame-duck governor, it isn't her fault that she became a huge, huge star, but she is too big for the position now. And people acting like, you know, leaving a governorship is a step down.
So, having asked the people of Alaska to elect her, she is now "too big for the position". So much for all that waffle about looking out for "the little people". Sarah, if Coulter is to be believed, is looking out for Sarah. And "the little people" can suddenly go to Hell.

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