Thursday, July 23, 2009

Congressman You're Playing To The WACKO-Wing Of Your Party!

It became obvious towards the end of the last US election that the people attending the Palin rallies were the runt of the Republican party. They were the people who believed that Obama was a terrorist; in other words, McCain and Palin were left dealing with the nutbag wing of the party.

Well, that nutbag wing has not gone away, nor has their obsession with Obama's passport. They believe that Obama is not an American, that he is, in fact, Kenyan born.

What's worrying for the Republican party here is how they will now elect their next leader. After all, any leader they elect will surely have to play to this insane wing of the party in order to have any hope of being elected by them.

To this end they have now sponsored a bill to force any future president to provide their birth certificates.

Here, Chris Mathews takes on one of the co-sponsors of this bill, John Campbell, and asks him why he is playing to the insane wing of his party. It's hysterical to watch Campbell attempt to write this off as an attempt to put this matter to rest but Matthews simply isn't buying it.

As Matthews points out, this bill is an attempt "to appease the nutcases". And, sadly, I think we are going to see a lot more of this kind of madness from anyone who hopes to lead this band of lunatics into the next election.

To see just how insane these people are click here and watch the insane questions which were put to Mike Castle by these nutbags.

‘Socialized Medicine’ Will Destroy The Nation ‘Faster Than The Twin Towers.’ Audience member: “I don’t have the answers for how to fix the broken pieces of our health care system, but I know darn well if we let the government bring in socialized medicine, it will destroy this thing faster than the twin towers came down.” [Applause and cheers]

The Cap And Trade ‘Tax’ Will Kill The American Economy. Audience member: “Do you have any idea what that cap and trade tax thing, bill that you passed is going to do to the Suffolk County poultry industry? That’s how chicken houses are heated, with propane. It outputs CO2. I mean, I’m outputting CO2 right now as I speak. Trees need CO2 to make oxygen! You can’t tax that!”

Global Warming Is A Hoax. Audience member: “I’m actually hopeful that this vote that you made was a vote to put you out of office. [Raucous applause and cheers.] … You know, on this energy thing, I showed you, I had in my email to you numerous times there are petitions signed by 31,000 scientists that that know and have facts that CO2 emissions have nothing to do and the greenhouse effect has nothing to do with global warming. It’s all a hoax! [Applause.] First of all, I cannot for the life of me understand how you could have been one of the eight Republican traitors!” [Applause and whoops.]

Global Warming, Like Darwinian Evolution, Is Just A Theory. Audience member: “It’s still a theory, so is Darwin’s theory of evolution! And yet we have the audacity to say global warming is accurate, it’s more than a theory? How about how cold it’s been this spring. Personal data, data shows that since 1998 average temperatures have been cooling!”

The Swine Flu Epidemic Is A Conspiracy To Force AIDS-Infected Vaccines On The American Public. Audience member: “The virus was built and created in Fort Dix, a small bioweapons plant outside of Fort Dix. This was engineered. This thing didn’t just crop up in a cave or a swine farm. This thing was engineered, the virus. Pasteur International, one of the big vaccine companies in Chicago, has been caught sending AIDS-infected vaccines to Africa. Do you think I trust — I don’t trust you with anything. You think I’m going to trust you to put a needle full of dead baby juice and monkey kidneys? Cause that’s what this stuff is grown on, dead babies!”

President Obama Is Not A Citizen Of The United States. Audience member: “Congressman Castle, I want to know. I have a birth certificate here from the United States of America saying I’m an American citizen, with a seal on it. Signed by a doctor, with a hospital administrator’s name, my parents, the date of birth, the time, the date. I want to go back to January 20th and I want to know why are you people ignoring his birth certificate? [Applause and cheers.] He is not an American citizen! He is a citizen of Kenya!” [Applause]

The scary thing is that these nutbags are now the true face of the Republican party. Just listen to the applause the questioners get the crazier the questions they ask. How can any sane person hope to be elected by these people? Unless one embraces their crazy notions, then you are the enemy. The Republicans are f#cked.

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