Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brown formally backs Blair as candidate for 'President of Europe'.

Lady Kinnock has put the cat amongst the pigeons by stating that Tony Blair is the British government's choice to be the first European president. And, by doing so, she has forced Brown to come out and declare that he is all for this piece of nonsense:

Downing Street endorsed Baroness (Glenys) Kinnock, the Europe minister, who said in Strasbourg: "The UK Government is supporting Tony Blair's candidature for President of the [European] Council." Asked if the prospect had been discussed with Mr Blair, she said: "It is the Government's position. I am sure they would not do that without asking him."

Mr Brown's spokesman said: "What the Prime Minister supports is Tony Blair's candidature for the President of the European Council if Tony Blair decides that that is what he would like to do and as and when such a position exists."
Tony Blair opposed the single currency and ignored the wishes of Europe at every turn in order to do George Bush's bidding. This would make him an extraordinary choice as Europe's first ever president.

I know the position is mostly ceremonial, and that the majority of us can't work out what a European president would actually do, but one would hope that a "European president" would at least have a history of putting Europe's interests first. That is not the case with Blair.

In Britain he became known as "Bush's poodle" because he always adopted the American position, even when that position was opposed by all the major European powers.
The scope of the new post has not been defined. Brussels insiders warned that Mr Blair could miss out unless he shows he is hungry for it. "He has to really want it and work for it to be successful," one said. Even his critics admit Mr Blair is the most heavyweight of the candidates in the frame.

But he faces opposition in some quarters. Some countries do not want Britain to land the post because it is not inside the eurozone and nor is it party to the "open borders" Schengen agreement. Although memories of Mr Blair's role in the Iraq war have faded, it still rankles for some European politicians.

Britain is, at best, a lazy member of Europe and, at worst, almost hostile towards the notion of belonging to that continent if it means relinquishing her island status and her former role as "ruler of the waves".

The idea that Europe's first president should come from the UK strikes me as bizarre. That it should be Tony Blair is simply a sick joke.

It took us long enough to prise him out of Downing Street, the last thing we need is the old warmonger lording it over the whole of Europe.

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