Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Attorney General Holder Is Becoming Like Sergeant Schultz! Saying "I See Nothing!"

I am with Jonathan Turley here. Doing nothing would be better than what Holder is proposing. He appears to be accepting the spurious legal justification for torture put forward by the Bush administration and saying that he will only prosecute people who did things that went beyond what the Bush administration said was allowed.

The crimes committed here were committed by the lawyers who, in bad faith, decided that torture was acceptable. The Obama administration are so fearful of prosecuting Bush and Cheney, that they are now proposing the worst of all worlds. Prosecute the grunts on the ground who went too far. Ignore the people who actually came up with this disgusting policy in the first place.

It would be better to do nothing than to do this. This is Lynndie England and Abu Ghraib all over again.