Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phil Donahue debates Bill O'Reilly on Iraq War.

Donahue does a very good job of shining a light on the disgusting attacks of O'Reilly against women like Cindy Sheehan who have paid the highest price any mother can ever pay for Bush's war.

O'Reilly claims that his objection to Sheehan is that her opinions are "radical", ignoring the fact that most Americans share her opinion that this war is lost and that the US should withdraw.

Donahue's best line is when he states that, "Loud doesn't mean right, Bill." And as Donahue points out, O'Reilly does this in a misguided attempt to look tough. And O'Reilly tells the usual lie that Jeremy Glick accused the US of "orchestrating 9-11" when, of course, Glick did no such thing.

And it's fascinating to watch O'Reilly attempt to distance himself from the Iraq war whilst, simultaneously, embracing it.

That's where the right now find themselves. Admitting that the Iraq war was a war of choice, that it might have been a tactical mistake, but insisting that the US must pursue it to "victory", whatever that means.

They are seriously incoherent.

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