Monday, June 01, 2009

Leahy: Attacks on Sotomayer are "baloney"!

I am with Leahy when he states that the charges against Sotomayer are "baloney". And, I think it's really going to hurt the Republicans if they continue down the route which they are presently on.

However, there are some Republicans who appear to have recognised this and are calling for the party to step back from this particular precipice.

"Unless there's something that comes out that's very much out of the ordinary, this is likely to be a smooth confirmation if Republicans are smart politically," said John Ullyot, a Republican strategist who served seven years as a senior Senate staffer.

President Barack Obama's Republican critics have -- so far -- shown only a meager appetite for a fight. Indeed the outcome may already be written because Democrats have the 60 votes needed to push the nomination through.

And Republicans worry that overly hostile questioning could further hurt the party with Hispanic voters, who went 67 percent to Obama and 31 percent to his Republican rival, Senator John McCain, in the 2008 White House race.

"Politically, it's better to conserve our powder and live to fight another day and not pick a fight that a) we know we can't win, because we don't have the votes and b) could really hurt us politically," Ullyot told AFP.

They don't have the votes, they are going to alienate themselves from women and Hispanics, and the entire thing is manufactured outrage.

It would be insane for them to push on with this, but they've shown their insanity many times before now. If they've half a brain they will back off. If for no other reason than they simply can't win. So why alienate so many people by throwing around this ridiculous racism charge?

I note that even people like Jeff Sessions are now saying that he would prefer if people stopped calling her a racist. They threw the shit at the wall and some of them appear wise enough to realise that it's not sticking.

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