Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe Scarborough: The Fix Is In In Iran, Thanks To Obama.

George Bush famously couldn't believe that Saddam was being duplicitous about his lack of WMD because he feared what his mortal enemy Iran might do if they knew he was weak.

It's a curious habit that American right wingers possess, they simply can't accept that everything is not about them.

Here, Joe Scarborough gives a perfect example of this vanity, by claiming that Ahmadinejad has stolen the election in Iran as a reaction to Obama's Cairo speech.

I mean, is he serious? Surely people steal elections simply to remain in power? Why does everything have to be about the US?


About an hour after I posted this I find that at least the Obama administration are more grown up about this:

"The point is this is not about us," said one administration official, who has been working on the issue of Iran. "The point here is we will continue to monitor the situation to see how it, in a sense, resolves itself over the coming days. The pressure is on them to demonstrate to the world that this was a legitimate election and that the outcome reflects the will of the Iranian people."
Can someone please pass this message on to egotistic right wingers?


nunya said...

"they simply can't accept that everything is not about them. "

Sure they can. When it comes time to take responsibility for their screw ups, it's about everybody EXCEPT THEM.

lol, :)

Kel said...