Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bush Lawyer Ordered to Testify.

Oh my, there is a God:

A federal judge has ruled that John Yoo, a former Bush administration lawyer who wrote crucial memorandums justifying harsh interrogation techniques, will have to answer in court to accusations that his work led to a prisoner's being tortured and deprived of his constitutional rights.

The government had asked Judge Jeffrey S. White of Federal District Court in San Francisco to dismiss the case filed by
Jose Padilla, an American citizen who spent more than three years in a military brig as an enemy combatant. Judge White denied most elements of Mr. Yoo’s motion and quoted a passage from the Federalist Papers that in times of war, nations, to be more safe, “at length become willing to run the risk of being less free.”
Well, it's undeniable that his work created the framework in which all of this torture took place, as he defined torture in such a way that one could do anything one wanted to a prisoner as long as the pain endured was not the equivalent of organ failure or death.

To most of us his definition actually made it almost impossible to commit the crime of torture.

I am glad that he will have to answer in court for what he did.

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