Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why You Do NOT Torture In The Ticking Time Bomb Situation.

As Liz Cheney makes the argument of the "ticking time bomb" in defence of torture, the proof is that this theory has already been proven to be deeply unreliable. If time is of the essence, why would anyone want to waterboard someone 183 times in a month? If it takes a month to get an answer then the ticking time bomb would probably already have exploded by that point.

Here an expert on the US's SERE programme explains the flaws behind this right wing logic. Malcome Nance is right to denounce these "torture apologists" and the "spurious arguments" they are making to justify the unjustifiable.

The very fact that they change their arguments as often as they do - "It's not torture!" - "Even if it is torture, it works!" - "Are you saying you would let innocent people die rather than torture a terrorist?" - "Why are you on the side of the terrorist?" - shows how morally bankrupt their argument actually is.

Liz Cheney could make a much more honest argument than the many she went through in that interview by simply begging, "Please don't put my daddy in jail!"

Because that, at least, is more intellectually coherent and understandable than the arguments she is making.

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