Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ventura: Why Don't We Torture Gang Leaders?

Fox News presenters are so trained to defend the Republican party line that they simply can't see when their argument has been destroyed.

Here, Jesse Ventura asks them why the US don't torture prisoners caught for domestic offences. After all, they say it's not torture and that it is fantastically successful, so what's to stop the US using waterboarding to tackle the US's gangland culture? It's drug wars?

The presenters ignore the validity of his argument and plough on regardless spouting their usual talking points.

But Gretchen Carlson, the former Miss America beauty queen, actually made me laugh out loud when she stated, with a perfectly straight face, "How else should we find out information from these terrorists?" As if there has never been any other way to gain information other than through torture.

And that pathetic little wimp, Brian Kilmeade, asks, "So if I'm not in the military I can't fight for America?" Revealing that he actually thinks he is "fighting for America" by sitting on that couch putting forward his pathetic little Republican talking points. The funniest thing is that he conducts this entire interview as if he is some college nerd facing up to a jock from the baseball team. There's a look of "fight or flight" permanently etched across his features.

It's not even that their arguments are so blatantly immoral, it's that they are simply so bad at articulating and defending them which I find most offensive. They also seem unaware that the US has actually prosecuted a Sheriff who waterboarded a prisoner.

Ventura simply destroys them. For all their macho talk it's astonishing to see how they crumble when faced with an alpha male.


Unhinged torture apologist Joe Scarborough shows the correct way to argue with Ventura. Do it when he is not in the studio.

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