Friday, May 01, 2009

TV for the Brain Dead.

Only on Fox News. The right wing, who have merrily insisted that people must give up their civil rights in order to be safe from terrorism, have now - with a possible flu pandemic hanging in the air - suddenly started questioning how many civil rights must be given away in order to protect people from this disease, which has the capability of killing far more people than any terrorist attack.

Suddenly they are concerned with all kinds of questions, "Who decides who goes into a quarantine? What is isolation? [...] If I want to get out of a quarantine or isolation do I have the ability to go to a court and get out? Will the government say to me that I must get a vaccination if one is developed? [...] We, as a society, the freest society in the world, have to think about the balance between saving our lives - if this pandemic comes true - and the loss of liberty and the loss of rights as Americans."

So, suddenly the right wingers accept that there has to be a balance between saving lives and the loss of civil rights? And it's taken a flu epidemic to open their eyes to it?

It's simply breathtaking to listen to Fox's blond newscaster exclaim, "Very interesting point. I hadn't thought about all that stuff."

No, of course you hadn't. You were too busy telling the populace that they had to do whatever the Great Leader demanded in order to keep safe. Only now, with a possible pandemic that might actually kill you, and a Democrat in the White House, do Fox News discover that there might be a balance to be struck between safety and civil liberties.

This is TV for the brain dead.

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