Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tense White House Off-The-Record Meeting On Torture With Human Rights Advocates.

Rachel and Isikoff talk of an astonishing meeting which apparently took place yesterday at the White House in which Obama was accused of mirroring the Bush administration on many issues of concern to civil libertarians.

Apparently, Obama finds such comparisons, "unhelpful".

And it's really interesting to hear Isikoff tell us that it was Obama, rather than the Attorney General, who seemed most vocal about why the US should not pursue the Bush administration for war crimes over their torture policy.

Apparently, pursuit of the law would, "take too much time" and distract the administration.

Hmmm... Isn't that the very reason why such decisions should be taken by the Attorney General and not the president? So that political considerations are removed from the judicial process?

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