Monday, May 04, 2009

Senator Hatch Claims Obama Speaking 'Code' On Supreme Court Nominee.

This crap occurs every time a new Supreme Court judge is appointed. We all know the score. Republicans want to stack the court with right wing judges and Democrats want to do the opposite.

But the Republicans have really jumped on the fact that Obama has mentioned the word, "empathy"; as if empathy is a dreadful thing for any judge to have.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Gentlemen, welcome to you both. And Senator Hatch, let me begin with you. What did you make of the criteria the president laid out?

HATCH: Well, it's a matter of great concern. If he's saying that he wants to pick people who will take sides -- he's also said that a judge has to be a person of empathy. What does that mean? Usually that's a code word for an activist judge. But he also said that he's going to select judges on the basis of their personal politics, their personal feelings, their personal preferences. Now, you know, those are all code words for an activist judge, who is going to, you know, be partisan on the bench.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Now, he did also say he wants someone who respects the rule of law and the limits of the judicial role...

HATCH: He did say that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So it sounds like you're saying that you think there's a tension between following the law and following your feelings when you're a judge.

HATCH: Well, I don't think there should be a litmus test or any set of litmus tests when you pick people for the high court, and I suspect that the president understands that. He's a very bright guy, charismatic, intelligent, likable, and I'm hoping that he'll pick somebody of great dimension.

We all know he's going to pick a more liberal justice. Their side will make sure that it's a pro-abortion justice. I don't think anybody has any illusions about that. The question is, are they qualified? Are they going to be people who will be fair to the rich, the poor, the weak, the strong, the sick, the disabled, and yet give justice to those who may not be...
And by "activist", what Hatch is really saying is that an Obama judge will not overturn Roe vs Wade. So, "activism" is accepting the status quo.

These people really reverse all logic sometimes. Surely "activism" would be to reject the status quo?

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