Sunday, May 24, 2009

O'Donnell on Cheney Speech - Sleazy and full of lies.

One of the things which Chris Matthew rightly picks up one here is the ludicrous way in which Cheney now attempts to pretend that he is speaking up to defend the CIA. During his time in office no-one was more critical of the CIA than Dick Cheney, which makes it ludicrous that he now sets himself up as their defender.

The truth is that both Cheney and his daughter Liz are making this argument because they seek to defend Cheney from possible prosecution.

To claim that Cheney is behaving in this way to protect the CIA is to push credibility to breaking point.

And Cheney's point that "US taxpayers dollars will be used to support" terrorists should they be transferred to the US ignores the fact that US taxpayers dollars are supporting them in Guantanamo Bay at this very moment.

Pat Buchanan then goes on to try and argue that Cheney means that the US will end up paying for terrorists to have lawyers. Which sort of begs the question, what legal system would Cheney and Buchanan prefer? One in which the accused are not allowed lawyers?

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