Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mad Malkin and Hoaxes.

Michelle Malkin is almost certifiably insane. She has found proof that lefty blogs have been "punked" and taken in by Mancow's apparent waterboarding, which he admitted - despite previously defending it - that he now felt was torture.

Last week, liberal blogs went ga-ga over radio talk show host Mancow’s waterboarding stunt.

Matthew Yglesias wet his pants. He featured Mancow’s photo and the blaring headline: “Conservative Radio Host Has Himself Waterboard to Prove It’s Not Torture, Realizes He Was Wrong.”

MSNBC and HuffPo
embraced him. Ezra Klein at the Washington Post piled on. So did Jonathan Chait: “I think the torture debate would be mighty different if more of the conservatives who scoff at waterboarding would try the same thing.”

And Think Progress. And Andrew Sullivan.

And on and on and on.

Now, there’s a paper trail that suggests the glaringly obvious — that it was all an elaborate hoax, reportedly orchestrated with the help of Jerry Springer’s publicist.

To prove it was, "all a hoax" she includes a statement that Mancow had issued by his publicist.

The statement, which she quotes on her site, says:

I am not a magician. Many news cameras were there!

Obviously, it was on the radio and I wasn’t in prison. I’m also not a radicalized Muslim terrorist. But it was not a hoax! I repeat: NOT A HOAX.


Sorry, I thought for years it wasn’t torture and now I do. The video is there for all to see.

So, she proves it was all a hoax, by giving a statement from him denying it was a hoax.

You really have to wonder what goes on in that hate addled brain of hers.

Click title for her whole insane posting.


Steel Phoenix said...

I'm not sure hoax is quite the right word, but it was clearly a publicity stunt. They guy is such a publicity hound that I wouldn't trust the sincerity of anything he did. He did it for the ratings.

Whatever his motivations or sincerity though, the ball is still back in Hannity's court (not that it ever left it). Hannity is going to continue to look like an even bigger chump than usual until he goes under the bucket. the 'waterboarding isn't torture' crowd will continue to have no credibility until someone famous can tolerate more than a few seconds of it.

Kel said...

I agree it was a stunt, but it was a stunt which proved the opposite of what he set out to prove.

The Malkin crowd simply can't accept that, so they are trying to make it seem as if he was not waterboarded. They do this because they still erroneously believe that waterboarding is not torture.