Saturday, May 16, 2009

Liz Cheney: It's Fundamentally Un-American To Threaten To Prosecute The Previous President.

It's extraordinary to witness the way the Cheney clan are taking to the airwaves to make the claim that any prosecution of the previous administration would be improper.

Liz Cheney now claims that Obama's decision not to release the Abu Ghraib photographs was possibly because of the pressure brought on Obama by people like herself and her dad raising the kind of questions which they have been raising.

Cheney is obviously worried about the fact that the methods he allowed to be used on prisoners has become public, hence the orgy of publicity which both he and his daughter are indulging in. Because it is clear to anyone but the most partisan Bush/Cheney supporter that these methods, and the way in which they were applied, constituted torture.

That is why Republican supporters are now attempting to move the debate towards the question of whether or not torture "works" and why Cheney is attempting to imply that any prosecution would be an act of partisanship.

But Liz Cheney, in this interview, states that it is fundamentally un-American for one administration to prosecute the previous administration. That's simply desperation.

The argument used to be that they did not torture. Now it's that it would be "un-American" to prosecute them. They are like cornered rats. You can never be sure what they are going to do next.

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