Sunday, May 17, 2009

Limbaugh thinks Pelosi should resign as House Speaker.

Why do Rush Limbaugh's insane views not resonate with women the way they do with men? He gave us an indication of why this might be the case yesterday:

Limbaugh: We are going to learn very soon if women can finally break the glass ceiling. You know what the test is? Let me tell you what the test is. Will Nancy Pelosi resign as Speaker of the House? That's the test. Come on now, we've had two men resign -- maybe even three! -- we've had Fort Worthless Jim Wright resign as Speaker, we've had Mister Newt resign as Speaker, we had Bob Livingston resign as Speaker-elect, before he became Speaker. So if women really want equal treatment, if they really want to crash through that glass ceiling, there is no better benchmark than Nancy Pelosi taking herself and her place right alongside two men who resigned -- Fort Worthless Jim Wright, and Mister Newt.
That's right. Equality will be achieved by Pelosi stepping down.

What Limbaugh and the other right wing loons are ignoring is that they were attacking Pelosi in the hope of making an investigation go away. And Pelosi has called for an investigation, the very thing which they didn't want.

She's got nothing to hide it would seem. Limbaugh and the other right wing loons appear too stupid to realise that their bluff has been called.

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars.

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