Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gitmo Can't Catch a Break, Even on Fox News.

Clifford D. May can't get away with his usual shit, even on Fox News anymore. Shep Smith reacts furiously when May attempts to imply that he is saying that everyone at Guantanamo Bay is innocent.

What's extraordinary about May's argument is that he is perfectly willing to concede that, in some cases, the US have no proof against the people that they are detaining, and May appears willing to reject the entire legal precedent of assuming people are innocent until proven guilty:

The courts haven't said that they are innocent, what the courts have said is that we don't have proof and in a lot of cases we don't proof because soldiers are not detectives who gather evidence. When I was in Guantanamo, I would be shown a terrorist and told "we don't have evidence on him". He said he was going to a wedding party but he had $400,000 in mixed bills in various currencies and he had AK47's as well on him.
Firstly, I don't think there is any jury who would not read something into a person holding $400,000 in mixed currencies along with AK47's, so May is surely being apocryphal when he tells that tale?

But, more importantly, if trial and imprisonment are not to be determined by evidence, what does May suggest we use to determine innocence or guilt?

He really appears quite unconcerned with the fact that he is turning the entire judicial process on it's head. He's not bothered about locking people up without evidence because "soldiers are not detectives."

Every so often a reminder pops up about just how insane the Bush regime really was when it came to all this stuff.

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