Thursday, May 28, 2009

General Karpinski On The Myth Of A Few Bad Apples.

Karpinski says that she is "flabbergasted" by Cheney's claim that there is no link between the memos that his team crafted and the actions which took place on the ground.

She says that these soldiers did exactly what the memos said, which is either a extraordinary coincidence or the carrying out of official policy. Cheney would have us believe that it was the former, though only the most committed Republican ideologue could bring themselves to seriously make that argument.

The administration issued the memos outlining the ways in which torture could be carried out, and yet, when that torture does indeed take place, they expect us to believe Cheney's claim that the two factors are in no way linked.

I am with Karpinski when she says that Cheney's objectives now are limited to saving himself.

He is out there defending torture, and I would applaud the Obama regime if they ever had the courage to prosecute this reprehensible old torturer. He knows his neck is on the line here, which is why he is suddenly portraying himself as the defender of the CIA, when we all know he was actually it's harshest critic. He would say literally anything if he thought it could get him off the hook here.

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