Monday, May 04, 2009

Frum Gets It.

One of the things which I have always admired about Obama is the fact that his demeanor always causes his opponents to self destruct. There's something about the way he manages to portray himself as above the fray which seems to incense his opponents and eventually cause them to overplay their hand.

We saw this with Hillary and Bill, and we saw it again with McCain. Now, with the tea parties and the charges of Socialist-Fascism, we are seeing the entire Conservative movement fall into the same trap of wildly overplaying their hand and succeeding only in making Obama look like the coolest man in the room.

But some right wingers are catching on:

Let me add here a personal editorial comment. A large part of the secret of President Obama’s political success is his self-presentation as calm, judicious, and fair-minded – and his ability to depict his opponents as intemperate and extreme. You’d think by now that Obama’s opponents would have figured out this trick. You want to beat him? Great. Be more calm, more judicious, and more fair-minded. Don’t be provoked. Don’t throw wild allegations. Don’t boycott. Don’t lose your temper.

Instead, we get Anger Theater. It’s not smart. And it’s not working.

David Frum is bang on the money, but as long as the Republican movement are being led by Limbaugh, O'Reilly and the other hotheads, he's whistling in the wind.

Anger Theatre is where these guys make their bucks. And they simply can't stop that shit. It's what they are PAID to do.

Obama gets these guys so angry that they lose all coherence. And, if the Republicans are searching for coherence from the likes of Limbaugh and O'Reilly, then they are basically screwed.

Hat tip to Balloon Juice.


Cecilieaux said...

Shh ... don't tell them.

Kel said...

My sentiments exactly Cecilieax!