Friday, May 08, 2009

Conservatives Claim Obama Eats a Burger the Wrong Way.

The Republicans are becoming simply ridiculous. It reminds me of their nonsense regarding arugula during the election. The Republicans appear to loathe the fact that elitist arugula eating Democrats are pretending to be just like the rest of us. When we all know it's the Republicans job to pretend that their multi-millionaire candidates are just like the rest of us.

How dare Obama muscle in on their territory?


Paul said...

Burgergate - the most shocking scandal of the decade that brought down a President.

WTF???? The man doesn't like ketchup on his burger - and he wasn't asking for something elitist, he was looking for a spicy mustard.

Again, he couldn't win with this one:

Burger & ketchup - elitist snob pretends to be "in touch"
Burger & dijon - elitist snob
Burger & English mustard - I KNEW he wasn't really American
Burger & mayo - isn't that how they have them in France? I KNEW he wasn't really American
No burger - what, he doesn't eat meat? I KNEW he wasn't really American

Next up, Obama's choice of a half-Windsor knot - proof he'll not go all the way when it counts....

Kel said...


That list of the way to eat burgers and what it says about you is priceless. Made me laugh out loud.