Saturday, May 23, 2009

Conservative Radio Host Mancow Waterboarded! Says It's ABSOLUTLY TORTURE!

So, a right wing radio shock jock agrees to be waterboarded in order to prove that it is NOT torture. He changed his mind INSTANTLY. He now agrees that this is, "absolutely torture, absolutely, that's drowning!"

And, lets not forget, he knew that he could end this process at any time, a luxury which was not afforded to Cheney's victims.

The argument over this subject should now be considered over. Especially as this guy agreed to have this done specifically to prove that it was not torture.

Maybe Cheney can agree to be waterboarded publicly to prove that this process is not torture?


Steel Phoenix said...

Alright Hannity, it's time to either shut up or go under the bucket.

I'ts one thing to say torture is ok, it is quite another to claim that waterboarding isn't torture when you wouldn't be willing to endure it for $2000.00 a second.

Kel said...

I couldn't agree more, SP. At least Mancow had the courage of his convictions.