Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Chris Matthews: "This Is Why People Don't Trust Republicans!"

Mike Pence starts out quite reasonably, making the case that Republicans should re-embrace fiscal conservatism, but when the subject widens to global warming and science Pence reveals that he is either (a) unwilling to state that he does not believe in creationism for fear of offending the Republican base or (b) that he is one of those nutters who completely dismisses the scientific method. Either way, as Matthews points out, it's hard to take these guys seriously on subjects like global warming whilst they appear to view science with such suspicion.

I imagine - and I'm guessing based simply on the way Pence came across here - that he knows fine well that creationism is a load of old baloney, but that the GOP has tied itself so firmly to the side of the Evangelicals that they simply cannot risk telling the truth.

So, otherwise intelligent people like Pence are forced to sit on national television and talk nonsense. It really does make you wonder how this party can ever hope to be re-elected.

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