Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shep Smith. Take a Bow.

Shep Smith loses the plot on Fox News and says what many of us feel. Who ever thought that I'd find myself applauding a Fox News broadcaster? But, hats off to Shep Smith.

"We are America, I don't give a rats ass if it helps. We are America. We do not f#cking torture. We don't do it!"
What a glorious change from the prattle of Bill O'Reilly. Maybe there are still some Republicans out there who still have the capacity to differentiate between right and wrong. And, maybe, with their help, the criminals who did this can be brought to justice.


Steel Phoenix said...

Ha Ha!
Luckily the FCC is getting a bit less silly about this sort of thing. Sometimes I can't believe we can go around this uptight while claiming we are a free country. I'm so glad television is dieing.

Kel said...

In Britain the rules concerning this kind if thing have disappeared almost completely. On Jonathan Ross's show, which is peak time on a Friday night, I have even heard guests use the C word.

But, leaving aside his swearing, the fact that a Fox News anchor gets so angry over torture made me very pleased. Good for Shep Smith.