Monday, April 06, 2009

Sarah Palin vs Levi Johnston.

Sarah Palin continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol Palin's child, has gone on air to tell of how Sarah Palin "probably knew" that he and her daughter were sexually active and that he was forced to attend the Republican Convention against his will.

In the interview, the Johnston family reveals Bristol Palin, who became pregnant at 17, forced Levi to attend the Republican National Convention in September.

Mercede said, "Levi told me [Bristol Palin] called and said that, 'You're going,' and he said, 'I want to go hunting,' and she said, 'You're going.'"
Sarah Palin has immediately responded:

After talking about sex on "The Tyra Banks Show," Johnston – the 18-year-old father of Bristol Palin's baby – was hit with a blistering response from Bristol's mother, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

"Bristol did not even know Levi was going on the show. We're disappointed that Levi and his family, in a quest for fame, attention, and fortune, are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship," says the statement from the Palin family rep.

"Bristol's focus will remain on raising Tripp, completing her education, and advocating abstinence," the statement continues. "It is unfortunate that Levi finds it more appealing to exploit his previous relationship with Bristol than to contribute to the well being of the child."

She's going to continue "advocating abstinence"? Isn't it a bit late for that? I mean you're hardly a great advert for the success of abstinence if you are advocating it whilst holding a baby.

But then, the daughter was only following her mother's example of showing that advocating abstinence really doesn't work.

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars.


Steel Phoenix said...

Supporting abstinence? Didn't Bristol come right out and say it doesn't work a couple months ago?

The Palin family seems to be spiraling down towards a bright career touring the white trash television circuit. How much longer until Donahue is giving them a paternity test? Come to think of it, it would probably be a good idea. I think the neocons have finally found found their base.

Kel said...

Bristol did say it didn't work SP, which makes this most recent statement simply surreal.

Please let Palin stand in 2012, for comic value alone.