Friday, April 03, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Talks About - "Anal Poisoning"

Gordon Brown gave an effusive welcome to Barack Obama, the kind of welcome which we would expect Brown to give to any new American president.

But it's all too much for Rush Limbaugh:

Limbaugh: The slobbering, the slobbering, this guy folks--- I'm telling you. If he keeps this up throughout the G-20, Gordon Brown will come down with anal poisoning and may die from it.

Sanchez: Anal poisoning. Think about what he is saying there, maybe no, better yet, don't.

Limbaugh finds it unbearable that the world does nor share his desire to see Obama fail, mostly because we realise that if Obama fails then we are all going down the pan. But to refer to the British Prime Minister as an ass licker really is a new low even for the foul, homophobic Rush.

However, I really enjoyed Jon Stewart's take on Rush's recent threat to leave New York over taxation.

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Now for years -- for years -- for years New Yorkers have done everything in our power to get this guy to leave town. We passed laws making it tougher for hot-dog vendors to sell on the streets. We'd hold gay pride parades. There are barely any gay people in the city. We just thought it would make him uncomfortable, so we shipped 'em in!

We've all, as New Yorkers, come together to do this one thing: Get rid of Rush Limbaugh. He was the Truman in our citywide Truman Show.

We knew he was into drugs, so we cleaned up Times Square. Even opened up a Disney story in a place he would normally go to buy drugs. We knew he liked cigars. So we all in New York made an agreement that people who smoke cigars are douchebags.

Fleets! Fleets of Ivy-League-educated cab drivers pretended to be surly Middle Easterners just to annoy Rush Limbaugh. We outlawed murder -- figuring he's the kind of guy who's probably got a taste for it.

The whole reason we've gotta raise taxes in New York City is because of how expensive this whole decades-long charade has been! You know how much it costs to keep Chinatown filled with "Chinese" extras?

I don't even want to talk about it! But you know, now that I know that he's going -- I dunno, man, I feel weird. I feel weird inside. I guess there's one more thing I want to say to him:

If you're heading out from Uptown, take 42nd Street west to Ninth Avenue. make a left, go down four blocks, Lincoln Tunnel's on your right, and you know what? Here's my EZ-Pass.

Get the f--k out of here.
I can't imagine many New Yorkers would miss Limbaugh were he to leave. Which he won't. As so often with Rush, he's simply spouting hot air.

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