Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Right Wing Media Scapegoating "Illegal" Aliens For Swine Flu.

The hatred and anger which fuels the 21% of Americans who still identify themselves as Republicans is best illustrated by their reaction to the swine flu story.

To me, the story is about a possible pandemic and the obvious worries which that entails. It would be premature to think that we are at that stage yet, but governments are hopefully prepared should such a thing occur; despite the fact that Republicans voted to remove a $900 million bill for preparation for just such a flu pandemic from the stimulus package.

However, that's not what Malkin and the other nutcases see when they look at this story. They see another chance to kick immigrants. They see a golden opportunity to say that illegal aliens aren't merely "stealing" your jobs, now they can actually identify illegal aliens as a threat to your life.

Now the truth is that the disease entering the US had nothing to do with illegal aliens, it was actually brought to the US by a group of Catholic schoolchildren from New York city who spent spring break in Cancun. But that doesn't stop the hatemongers from taking this opportunity to lay the blame at the door of immigrants. Michael Savage, quite simply one of the stupidest and most vindictive of all the right wing talking heads, goes as far as to ask, "Illegal aliens are carriers of the new strain of human swine avian flu from Mexico. Is this a terrorist attack?"

It's simply despicable behaviour, but there is really no surprise that they have gone there. The Republicans are losing their collective minds. This is simply the latest example of the way these people talk to themselves and have no relevance to anyone outside of their own hateful circle.


Paul said...

Last night I thought to myself - "I wonder if the right are paranoid enough to believe that this isn't natural."

I thought I would find a few forums, post a press release from a made up news agency that this was an Al Qaeda plan to release a biological agent, and that it happened because the Obama administration was too weak to torture people to stop it. Then see how many would lap it up, unverified and unsourced, and quote it as absolute truth.

I see I've been beaten to the punch by Fox. As much as I detest Richard Littlejohn, at this point I feel his catchphrase is very apt - "you couldn't make it up."

Kel said...

It's astonishing Paul isn't it? They can find a way to bring immigration into every single story. But Savage's line asking whether or not this was a terrorist attack left me slightly dumbstruck.

Paul said...

It's an incredible double-whammy. Slip immigration AND terrorism right in there and blame it on Obama. Now they just need to figure out how to pin it to "taxing the rich" and "socialism" and it's a right-wing wet dream.

How about mass vaccination against swine flu is the first step to socialised medicine, and before you know it we're goose-stepping towards Nazi totalitarianism.

I'd laugh if I didn't suspect someone has in all seriousness started thinking that way....

Kel said...

I am seriously going to have to go search for what Glenn Beck's take on all this is. He always makes me roar.

Olbermann only gives us the merest taste of Glenn's madness, I bet the whole thing is well worth seeking out.