Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama calls first 100 days tense but fruitful.

He celebrates his hundredth day in office reminding people that he has been doing what he promised he would do during a two year campaign in front of the American people.

It was this agenda which the American people elected him on, which makes the tea parties and the Republicans calling for secession seem, somehow, the un-American ones.

He is doing what the American people elected him to do. "I'm pleased with the progress we've made but I'm not satisfied."

"I'm confident in the future but I'm not content with the present," he told a town-hall style event in a St. Louis suburb.

There's much more to do, and the Republican whining should be placed in the context of the fact that the American people overwhelmingly rejected their mindset. This is a leader enjoying overwhelming public support, not that you would know this if your only source of news was Fox and Limbaugh and Beck.

Obama is doing okay. There's a lot of things that I would like to see him doing which he is dragging his feet on - prosecutions for war crimes being the most obvious - but, 100 days in, the guy's doing good.


nunya said...

The press conference was cool. I still like to watch my President.

Kel said...

He is a very cool man, Nunya.