Saturday, April 25, 2009

Matthews Nails Thornberry.

Mac Thornberry appears with Chris Matthews on Hardball and attempts to insist that torture was the result of "a few bad apples" and the US did not have a systemic torture programme.

He also attempts to insinuate that Obama would be wrong to prosecute and that this would effect the morale of the CIA, despite the fact that Obama has stated that there will be no prosecutions of any members of the CIA. Matthews does well to raise the question of whether morale is more important than morality.

What's extraordinary is how weak Thornberry's argument actually is. He accuses Obama of things which Obama has already stated that he is NOT going to do, and refuses to state whether or not the US has been in breach of her responsibilities under the Geneva Conventions.

Thornberry is pretending that he is concerned about the CIA agents on the ground, whilst he is actually attempting to defend the indefensible actions of the previous administration.

The reason that Thornberry comes across so weakly is the fact that the Republicans are totally in the wrong on this matter and are simply hitting the bottom of the pond and hoping to muddy the water.

They look pathetic and weak because they are. When they were in power they could hide this shit, now it's all out in the open and they are finding it impossible to defend what they did.

Thornberry says, "some people went to jail over this", whilst failing to acknowledge that the only people who went to jail were people like Lynndie England. The people who created these rules have never been held accountable for what they did.

And, if their only defence is the one articulated by Thornberry, then they are in deep shit.

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