Thursday, April 30, 2009

Karl Rove: We Saw A Dangerous Pre-911 Mentality Tonight!

Hannity and Rove discuss Obama's press conference.

Rove, the man who worked for the man who dismissed warnings of bin Laden's intention to attack within the US with the words, "All right. You've covered your ass, now", has the gall to tell us that he detected a "pre-9-11 mentality" in Obama's refusal to engage in torture.

What's extraordinary is the way in which the right wing in America have come to hold torture up as one of their bravest values, and one which Obama is apparently too cowardly to embrace.

They used to argue that they did not torture, now they have traveled 180 degrees on this subject and are publicly arguing that to refuse to torture is to display, "a pre-9-11 mentality".

Torture is now a virtue according to the Republicans and refusal to engage in it is a failing.

It is the logical place for them to now find themselves. They have, after all, run out of all alternative arguments. And their immorality is clear for all to see, even as they have the gall to attempt to sell this as a virtue.

It's no wonder that they are racing towards political oblivion.

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