Saturday, April 04, 2009

Have Americans finally gotten wise to the media's right-wing game?

While the right wing media are setting out to make the current recession Obama's fault, the good news is that the public simply are not buying it.

They clearly state that they feel the recession is the fault of the banks and George W Bush.

This right wing attempt to hang the blame for the recession around Obama's neck has been blatantly false from the start. The good news is that the public are much wiser than Limbaugh and Hannity ever gave them credit for. The right wing talk show hosts can preach their hatred as much as they want, but it would appear that the public are far too wise to fall for the rubbish and propaganda that they are selling.

No-one, despite all the media hype, seriously believes that this is "Obama's bear market" or "Obama's recession."

We all know where the fault lies. And Fox can state the opposite for as long as they want but it appears that no-one is buying into their lies anymore.

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