Friday, April 10, 2009

GOP Continues Bogus Claim about Obama as "Most Polarizing".

As the Republicans continue to portray Obama as the "most polarizing" president ever, they are ignoring the facts behind that figure.

The difference between the amount of Americans willing to call themselves Republicans as opposed to those willing to identify themselves as Democrats is the only reason that the Republicans are able to make this claim. And, with the president enjoying high approval ratings, they really are preaching to themselves when they spout this nonsense.

The poll indicates that 88 percent of Democrats approve of the president's job performance, while just 27 percent of Republicans say the same thing – a 61-point difference.
But those Republicans are the same people who used to shout the word, "terrorist" and "kill him" every time Sarah Palin mentioned Obama at one of her hate fests, so it is no surprise that these people disapprove of his every action.

The Republicans have been deserted by anyone with half a brain and are left with only lunatics supporting them. It's no surprise to anyone that there should be a large gulf between what those lunatics believe and what the rest of the country thinks.

The US is not made up of Malkins, Bachmanns and O'Reilly's, no matter how much Fox News might like to pretend that it is.

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