Saturday, April 25, 2009

Frank Lampard Phones LBC Radio.

James O'Brien has a talk show on LBC radio. I loathe him because, unlike other shock jocks on that station, he always nails himself to the fence. Nick Ferrari, at least, stands by the right wing nonsense that he speaks and is always willing to defend his outrageous views. O'Brien does nothing of the sort. He always spouts right wing talking points whilst allowing himself the "get out of jail free" card of pretending that he might be confused about the entire subject at hand.

Yesterday, O'Brien decided to talk about Frank Lampard, who has recently split with his girlfriend, and called him "scum" based on the fact that Lampard's children were no longer living with him.

Lampard called into the station to defend himself. I love the fact that O'Brien suggests that he is "delighted to give [Lampard] the opportunity to defend himself", turning Lampard's decision to call the show into some sort of benevolent act on the part of the radio presenter.

He even goes as far, at one point, as to suggest that Lampard is agreeing with him.

He's caught bang to rights, but refuses to admit that he was wrong to call the footballer "scum", despite the fact that almost all the facts, on which he is basing his opinion, are simply woefully misinformed.

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