Friday, April 17, 2009

Fox News Admits To Tea Party P.R., Complains Of Media Coverage.

Fox News are now openly admitting that they supplied PR for the silly tea parties which were sparsely attended across the US yesterday and are complaining that other networks ignored their attempts to make this a bigger story than it was.

The fact that so few attended should come as no surprise to anyone. The notion that the poor should demonstrate to protect the rich from taxation is a simply odious one.

Only Fox News could effect outrage that the rich were being asked to pay the same level of taxation that they did under Reagan and expect blue collar workers to come out in support.

The truth is that 95% of Americans will pay less taxation under Obama which is why the people attending these tea parties was restricted to the most fervent Republicans and the deeply stupid.

Hannity and Rush insisting that the public should protest so that they could keep more of their wealth didn't ignite massive indignation amongst the populace.

Maybe it was the lack of PR from those other networks, eh? Swines....

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