Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cheney needs to take O'Reilly's advice and "shut up."

Dick Cheney has been telling anyone who will listen that Obama is endangering the US with his policies. Cheney's message since he left office has always been the same; lefties lack the bottle to do what is needed to keep the US safe.

Now Sy Hersh has revealed that Cheney told the Israelis that Obama is "pro-Palestinian". The normal protocol is for former Vice Presidents not to criticise a new administration, so Cheney is way out of line here.

Perhaps he's simply trying to justify the torture that he sanctioned and is, in some way, constructing what he imagines is a defence of his actions. I sure wouldn't want to be his defence attorney, as he has admitted his guilt on several occasions now.

But, whatever his reasons, it is utterly outrageous that a former Vice President is making these comments about the current POTUS. It was bad enough when he was pulling this shit to undermine Colin Powell and other members of his own administration, but it's simply unforgivable that he is doing it to another administration entirely.

Cheney needs to accept that his policies have been rejected by the American public. He needs to take Bill O'Reilly's advice and "shut up!"

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