Friday, April 03, 2009

Bill O’Reilly Boycotting Sean Penn Films.

In a career of ridiculous stances, it should come as no surprise that Bill O'Reilly has decided to boycott the films of Sean Penn. Apparently Penn's political stances are so abhorrent to O'Reilly that he simply can't bear to watch anything which the Oscar winning actor appears in.

And, of course, O'Reilly wants us to know that this isn't simply because Penn is left wing. O'Reilly is keen to assure us that he would behave just as stridently were a right wing actor expressing their views in this way:

O’Reilly: I take it case by case. We took on George Clooney over the 9/11 charities, and we were absolutely right, but Clooney does a good job with Darfur. We took on Bruce Springsteen for things he has done at concerts because we want to know what his frame of reference is. These are powerful people, and we’re not going to give them a free ride. If there was somebody screaming right-wing stuff, we’d do the same thing. But there is no one like that because if they do that in Hollywood, they’re not going to work, which is an interesting story in and of itself.
Of course, we all know that there is no such thing as an actor with right wing views and that, even if such a thing existed, they would never work in Hollywood anyway.

I mean neither of these three guys ever amounted to anything, crushed as they were by Hollywood's poisonous socialist cabal. O'Reilly is beyond ridiculous.

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