Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big earners ‘will flee City to escape top-rate tax’.

The greed of some people simply leaves me open mouthed:

Senior City figures today reacted with dismay to the new 50 per cent top rate tax and claimed that thousands of highly-paid workers could flee London.

One economist said that the new tax regime, which also hits allowances for people earning more than £100,000, could lead to up to 25,000 high-earning City workers leaving the country. This could cost the Treasury up to £800 million in lost tax revenue.
So, the very people whose rampant greed caused the financial crisis - that the rest of us bailed them out from - are now threatening to leave the country because they have been asked to contribute to us finding a way out of the hole which they dug.

I can understand why people will balk at the thought of a 50% tax rate, and would be willing to listen to the grievances of anyone being asked to give that share of their earnings to the government..... except for bankers.

It will take a long time before we recover from the mess that these buggers created, so they will get scant sympathy from me regarding the fact that they are being asked to hand back a fraction of the money which was ploughed in to save their asses.

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nunya said...

That's a pisser. We pay almost that percentage in effective taxes and my husband makes less than half that, although we are lucky to have good health insurance, but not dental or optical. We paid roughly 600 pounds for glasses last year.

About a third of the people in this country have no health coverage at all. Half the bankruptcies here are because of medical bills. I'm sure the bankers and their enablers in Congress have the best medical coverage available.

They and their coroporate masters can afford tax attornies that find loopholes so that my husband and I pay a higer effective tax rate than they do. Most pay none.Stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

Kel said...

I find their attitude simply appalling, Nunya. They are selfish and greedy to their core.

And, as you say, they can often find ways to avoid taxation which the rest of us have no option other than to pay. They are a bunch of selfish, greedy whiners.

nunya said...

I agree Kel.