Friday, March 06, 2009

RNC Chair Michael Steele: "There Was No Attack on Rush."

The damage that Rush Limbaugh is doing to the Republicans is almost immeasurable. He is making them look like a party of wimps.

What Rush does is "ugly" and it is "incendiary" as Steele previously stated. That's the whole point of what Limbaugh does. He's a Shock Jock for Christ's sake, he's there to inflame the base and to say things that others wouldn't dare say.

By genuflecting in front of him, and apologising for ever describing what he does accurately, Michael Steele is demolishing any credibility he ever possessed.

He looks weak because what he is doing is weak. He's pretending that Rush Limbaugh isn't what we all know him to be. The only winner is this scenario is Rush himself, the Republicans simply look pathetic.

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