Saturday, March 21, 2009

President Obama on the Tonight Show.

I know that the right wingers have pounced on the special Olympics comment, but I think they are making a very large fuss over nothing.

The most important part of this interview is how it shows a populist president taking his argument to a wide audience and it being greeted with outstanding enthusiasm.

The applause he receives when he states that Americans will give him time to sort things out is worth watching the interview for alone.

This guy really does have the backing of the majority. And one can see why.

His argument concerning the recent financial crisis concentrates on the fact that most of what these bankers did was perfectly legal, and it shouldn't have been. No-one should be allowed to play that fast and loose with people's life savings.

He comes across as extremely charming and affable and also, more importantly, utterly on top of his game. It's a rare combination.


nunya said...

Yup, what they are really pissed off about is the mention of re-regulation.

Kel said...

Oh yes, and the also loathe the fact that what he's saying is resonating with ordinary Americans.

Steel Phoenix said...

The people still like the man, but they are disappointed with a lot of the policy thus far.

They aren't happy about the amount of money being spent or where it is going. You can point fingers all you like, but the vast majority would still rather let the banks fall or nationalize them than his current methods of bailouts. It sounds like he has changes in the works, but a staggering amount of money has already been squandered. With just a third of the AIG bailout alone we could have sent a manned mission to Mars.

They also aren't happy with the continuation of a lot of the Bush policies, especially those relating to surveillance and war.

Kel said...


I am with you on the policies relating to surveillance and war.

On the subject of the economy I don't think there is any other way than the one he is proposing. Yesterday there were some promising signs. Lets hope he's calling this correctly, for all our sakes.