Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama To Release More Bush/Cheney Torture Memos!

I am still of a mind that the fact that Obama seems keen to release more torture memos from the Bush years means that he is hoping that the public will get angry enough that they will demand prosecution.

Jonathan Turley feels that Obama is waiting for a "convenient moment" and that he should have acted long before now. I am still trying to have faith that Obama will, eventually, do the right thing, but I agree with Turley that this is not a question of policy, this is a question of the law. Cheney and Bush broke the law, and they did so blatantly.

As Turley says, the fact that Cheney is being allowed to frame this as a policy difference is the only reason why we are still hearing from this blowhard. The minute this is framed as a criminal investigation is the moment Cheney goes silent and surrounds himself with defence counsel. The Red Cross, as Turley reminds us, have already pointed out that this was a torture programme.

But I do feel that Obama is moving slowly because he hopes to avoid being charged with partisanship. The more information he releases, the more he hopes public outrage will demand that he acts.

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