Thursday, March 05, 2009

Neil Cavuto Tried AGAIN.

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Cavuto: All I'm saying, Stuart, is the mixed message part. Right? You're at a great locale, I know that hotel very well, I know that beach very well. And I'm just wondering whether the appearance which you guys knocked, rightly so, when the financial guys were tripping over themselves having massages at a lagoon, to say, look, enough is enough, appearance matters, this matters.

Acuff: Appearance does matter. That's right, Neil. And that's why I'm on the program with you today. And that's why I'm explaining that we got a room rate for less than $200 a room, and that our staying here is the result of negotiations that happened three years ago that promotes an awful lot of good union jobs.

Cavuto: Wait a minute, wait a minute. The most expensive room is $200?

Acuff: Excuse me?

Cavuto: The most expensive room for your members attending is $200?

Acuff: Under $200.

Cavuto: Really. [Pause] All right, then everything's off. You did OK. All right -- ah. Stuart, seriously. Very good having you. You did a good job.

Acuff: Thank you so much.

Cavuto: If I could get one of those deals -- that's not bad!
Leaving aside the fact that the unions aren't even taking any tax payers money, couldn't he have called the hotel - a hotel he claims to know very well - and simply asked for the rates?

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