Wednesday, March 04, 2009

GOP to Michael Steele: Quiet About Rush Limbaugh or You're Fired.

This is what happens to Republicans who cross Rush Limbaugh:

Apology to Rush Limbaugh aside, new Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is coming under fire from his own GOP troops to shut up and focus on his job of organizing the party and raising money, not fighting with his own political kind. Several Republican advisers to Congress and the previous Bush administration told Whispers that they are worried that the war of words is fracturing the party when it should be healing the division between conservatives and moderates in the wake of the 2008 election.

"What is amazing is that Steele was elected because of his communications skills, and it is those skills that are damaging the Republican Party. Before people begin to completely judge him as worthless, Steele needs to focus and knuckle down on building a strong foundation at RNC so we can begin rebuilding our majority," says a top GOP strategist who has worked for House and Senate Republican leaders. "If his implosion continues, RNC members are likely to call a special session to dump him for an effective chairman. There is not much patience for failure."

But Rush isn't leading the Republicans at the moment, he's just a guy whose views you can't oppose without risking your job.

And Steele, the supposed Republican National Committee Chairman, has been reminded of just where he stands in the scheme of things.

Oppose Rush at your peril.

But Rush isn't leading the Republican party at the moment.... Jeez.

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