Sunday, March 15, 2009

Glenn Beck is crying... Again.

He put on a special called, "Glenn Beck Friday: You Are Not Alone" where he announced "the 9/12 project", his response to the liberalism which he seems convinced "is surrounding us".

The creepiest thing about this is the fact that he keeps bursting into tears all the time. And that he does so at really odd moments, where what he is saying simply doesn't merit that kind of emotional response.

I can't work out if his crying is genuine or if he's simply doing it for effect in the hope of raising his profile, but he actually comes across as quite an unstable human being. He makes O'Reilly seem well balanced, and you really have to be well out there to pull off that feat.


Steel Phoenix said...

The failings of our system aren't a lack of unity, they are from excess unity. Everyone votes for a Democrat or Republican to avoid the horror of the opposition party winning, and then they try to pick someone really bipartisan in the thought that the opposition party will be reasonable and see things their way.

These parties are run by leaders and committees and strategists. Their main goal is to make the other party look bad in order to keep control. Right now you will see Republicans criticising Obama on nearly every decision, not offering alternatives and not helping even when they ideologically would agree. The Democrats were no better.

This is where the path of unity leads. People need to start thinking of themselves as unaffiliated, and taking each idea on its own merits.

Kel said...

SP, I agree that Obama's mantra of bipartisanship is getting nowhere.

He should just push ahead with his agenda and the Republicans should oppose him wherever they feel they must and let the electorate choose who made the right call in the next election.

That's politics.